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Route to market

Craft beer takes a small bite of the grow'd up drinks market, and without constant innovation and a finger on the pulse companies will get left behind.  Everyone MUST look at ways we can work towards a larger portion of what is on offer.  

So, presently... you may of noticed.... there have been a number of changes to our site.  Well, the thinking here is we want to reach out to our customers directly a bit.... no... a lot more with direct sales.  The key to our thinking is how we can offer the quickest most seamless route to market.  Just look at Amazon, 1click sales, next day delivery, 2 hours delivery.  It's all about the time it takes for you, the customer to hit our site through to making that sale.

We do hope you like the new site.  This is where we live, so we'll keep it up to date and we'll make sure you can still see us, the humans behind the beer. Our passion is strong and we know it is for you too, so we want to work with you to keep creating great beer you'll love.  


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  • Can anyone attend the taproom days?

    Susan Seargeant

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