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We are so chuffed with our brand artwork that I thought I’d quickly jot down where it came from, the who’s and the how’s.

After a few shit doodles of my own (as you do, pretending you can be a designer) I knew I had to genuinely put some thought into a brand that not just me, but the family and future staff would be happy and proud to stand next to. Personally, this takes a lot of bloody time. You think you know what you want, you then kind of know what you want, now try getting that out of your head, have it put in front of you and be happy with it and then repeat. It takes a lot of bloody time.

Right from the start I wanted something precise but not lifeless, creative but not too fussy, in a big nutshell something that was natural but controlled, geometric but not constrained to a style, where the Arts meet the Sciences (you know that easy to define point), a continuum that didn’t alienate or stereotype potential customers but which equally stood for our philosophies. Try and squeeze that out of your head, it hurts.

But with the help of some very talented people we were on our way. Both Michelle Eaves and Tom Kidd played a massive role in getting our thoughts down on paper, and via a brilliant crowdfunding project (thank you all again) where our initial ideas had a run out, the general consensus was that we needed more personality and colour but that the clean brand device worked. (And…. it doesn’t want to look anything like McColl’s the newsagents or the Metro – cheers Bro!)

Brand BoardsColour Close UpDevice Close Up

So we were after colour but not Google/corporate colour, beautiful shades, something that could easily evolve and incorporate a philosophy of things we haven’t even thought of. This is where the whole spectrum of colours began to emerge, taking inspiration from the artists Powel Nolbert (cheers Tom for introducing us to his work) and Victor Vasarely, but also from the Teesdale landscape we live in.

NolbertTeesdale Sunset

Our brief then began to develop but also the practicalities of implementing our brand became more prominent. So we enlisted the services of a brilliant local marketing company, Proportion Marketing, who very quickly squeezed even more out of my little head and began to develop the concept further.

McColl's BrandingMcColl's BrandingMcColl's BrandingMcColl's Brewery Logo

Ultimately, we wanted to illustrate our love of the Arts and Sciences, the creativity of brewing, the variability of the seasons but our control of the variables, whilst also not wanting to alienate anyone (or as few as possible) and equally not be hemmed in to a style/era of beer. Maybe we are a tad vague but as long as we don’t look fluffy or lack continuity across the brand we want to be all encompassing, inclusive and have the ability to shift the brand in the future. Why not?

….And then finally after a few refinements (me being the absolute knit picking git that I am), boom! the brewery’s identity was born. We think we achieved what we held in our heads, we hope you like it.