McColl's Brewery - Thank You

With our first brew done and fermenting away, we thought we’d take the time to put down in writing all the people and companies who have helped us reach this point in the breweries life. It’s pretty much been 2 years bang on since this whole thing started to gather speed, and although a little daunting at times, we have learnt so much and met some brilliant people. We thank you all!

Here goes, in chronological order.

Thank you, South Durham Enterprise Agency, Marzia Aloisio in particular for asking all the right questions, flagging up the pitfalls and pointing out the essential pre-planning stages. This genuinely focused the mind and helped kickstart a whole lot of serious thinking.

Thank you to everybody who pledged on our initial crowdfunder project. This is where it all started to gather pace and become real. Your belief and support for not only the project but the potential of the brewery in the future gave us the confidence to kick on.

A massive part of making the crowdfunder project work was the time and effort put in by Michelle Eaves and Tom Kidd. Michelle with her ‘fab, yes, brill, defo’ attitude and Tom with his brilliant design capabilities. You both brought a much-needed air of professionalism to early proceedings. Thank you.

Thank you, Andrew Tingle of Total Tax Solutions. As everything became more serious your time and advice on all matters money was invaluable, it’s fair to say we both like a spreadsheet.

To Vince Rodgers at Five Lamps, thank you for all the questions and queries and ultimately helping us secure a Start Up loan.

And a massive thank you to Michael and Audrey Stephenson. Funding a start-up business is probably the trickiest and biggest box to tick, we are blessed to have you on side, as you have allowed us to just get on with it whilst providing the support and funds to achieve our dreams.

So the build began, questions appeared daily and Brian Yorston (Nationally renowned brewer non-the-less) was often the point of contact. We are extremely grateful for your time and input to date, thank you.

To all the contractors who have worked on installing the brewery. ACC Flooring, Steam Direct, TEP Machinery, Brewing Vessels, Sam at Scotia Welding, Mark Winters Electricals, Nige Hodgson, Ushers Refrigeration, Martin Kneller, S&A Fabrications. Thank you!

A big thank also goes to all the lads at Proportion Marketing, you have put up with my knit picking, tweaks, emails and more. Looking class though!

We look forward to working with you all again in the future.


Danny and Gemma